Delighters proudly presents Scotland’s New Circus Cabaret Night: CIRQULATION.
Freshening the blood flow of Circus Arts in Scotland.

Cirqulation is Scotland’s only presently ongoing circus cabaret night showcasing new acts by established and emerging circus artists.

Each event is themed differently to inspire the creation of new acts.

Cirqulation offers mentoring to artists in the creation process of their new acts and the chance to show work to a live audience, as well as providing a great networking opportunity for artists within the industry, whether they are performing or coming to watch the show. We also feature guest performers from outside of Scotland in the show to inspire and freshen the blood flow of the Scottish circus scene.

Our aim is to build audiences that appreciate contemporary circus and to make contemporary circus available for communities in remote or disadvantaged areas. At the moment we are based in Edinburgh and our venue is the vibrant North Edinburgh Arts, but we are looking forward to reaching out to other venues across Scotland in the future.

At North Edinburgh Arts expect a cafe with hot drinks and a lovely theatre space just a short bus ride away from Edinburgh’s city centre.
Camera work by Tomas Sheridan /

What others said about the event:

Great show!
Colourful, clowny and quirky presentation, very good compare, wide variety of acts including young, new and world class.
And a very nice wee friendly venue.
Many thanks.
Michael Angelo Hanson
Thank you for an amazingly inspiring show!”
Lucy Power, Rowanbank Environmental Arts and Education
The best one yet. Massive Respects to everyone for an excellent show.
Ron Oliveira, Pyroceltica
Such an amazing evening, can’t wait for the next one
Liat Adler

Past events:






#6.2 OBSESSION – at Hidden Door

#7 FUTURE – 24th April 2022 at Assembly Roxy Edinburgh.