Cirqulation Testimonials

This is what others say about the event:

Why is it important to have an event like this in Scotland?
(From an audience point of view)
Having access to circus shows out with the expensive fringe is very valuable
Showcase local circus talent and bring audiences back to the circus. It’s for all the family to enjoy together. Bringing the show to the community rather than a city centre theatre for example, makes it approachable.
To showcase talent and provide opportunities to up and coming acts
Again providing that stage/ platform for new artists and work to emerge along with the support the artists receive through mentoring and promotion.
We need a broad diversity of entertainment and there is a vast talent for this kind of Cabaret/circus/theatre in Scotland . Audiences need diversity and a move away from the normal bill of fare.
Circus is such a popular and growing sector of the arts world (as evidenced by the inclusion of circus as a named category in the Edinburgh Fringe programme “dance, physical theatre and circus”) BUT outside of August there are very few opportunities to see circus arts in Scotland.
Develops interest in and knowledge of circus in theory, although I got the impression most of the audience were already in the circus loop. If so, this is a good way of maintaining and building connections within this community, particularly between different types of circus. Perhaps if you did an adult show, you could run a networking event after that one, where people can develop these connections further.
it give local talent an opportunity to perform and develop.
As well as being hugely enjoyable, it provides an opportunity for people to see performances and styles that they may not get to at other events. It also has a varied range of acts from all sorts of backgrounds at a wide range of experience levels
New circus is in the midst of an ongoing renaissance, and it is important for the many talented entertainers living and working in Scotland to have a showcase for their talents, and for audiences to get an opportunity to see them.
Not many people get to see modern and theatrical circus aka contemporary, not hollywood trad and corporate circus, so it’s good that it’s new and different and available and affordable for audiences and in an area where there are less opportunities to view arts
There is not enough circus in Edinburgh and it is such a wonderful, creative art form. It’s wonderful to watch and to train in and important to have events like this supporting the art form, and artists to develop their work.
It’s unique and different, a good night out
There is very few spaces to see physical or circus performance in Scotland. Outside of the fringe it is few and far between.
Variety of different types of entertainment in Edinburgh
To see what circus/aerial is developing in Scotland as we know that much of it doesn’t go through a traditional funding/touring system.
Circus is growing and we as a circus community need a platform to share what we can do and what we love. There are not enough events like that!
Presentation for circus arts and an avenue to show case new work, developing work and acquire feedback and performance experience. Possibility to be part of an event and also accessibility for theatre style circus (large venues only have very expensive shows on offer).
To have access to unique artworks presented by local artists
Brings families, friends together and also performers of different disciplines!
To have such high quality performance without needing to travel to other countries in the UK or abroad is such a richly uplifting and inspiring resource!
There aren’t many regular opportunities for local artists to share a stage! For a city that hosts the Fringe, you think there would be more support for local performance
So good to see a gathering of the skilled performers we have in Scotland, showcasing, and helping them rise up even more to a wide audience.
To see new exciting experimental work
There are so many circus performers in scotland, it gives them a great platform.
there is something special about getting to see something like this live, in the current age of youtube etc. Its creatively motivating and inspiring no matter what your own preferred creative outlet may be
In Edinburgh amazing performers from all over the world come to showcase talent during August. This is a wonderful opportunity to see performers all year round!
To get children excited about circus
Nothing else like it. It’s an important part of our culture, particularly in Edinburgh
A chance to really see what Scotland’s professional circus artists are doing, when sadly a large part of the funding and therefore performances are for private events.
To show case talent and share it with a wider audience. To provide a supportive space for people to try out new ideas.
The combination of local and world wide talent that are involved in this production are mind blowing, there are very few places you can see talents like these, this is why it’s so important to have in Scotland.
Outside of the edinburgh fringe we do not have a huge amount of Circus Going on, it also allows for artists to collaborate and try out new material an opportunity that is rare. Great platform to show new material and build upon for future events.
Cirqulation provides a platform to showcase all of the amazing talent in Scotland. It is wonderful to experience so many things in one event; to be mesmerised by skill, to share in laughter, joy and pain, to cheer, applaud and appreciate the courage, dedication and creativity of each performer. It is important to realise that the circus community is alive and growing in Scotland, and it’s open to everyone.
How does performing at Cirqulation contribute to your artistic carreer or practice? Is it important to have such events in Scotland and if so why?
It is the ultimate test of any skill or choreography to perform it in front of an audience. Cirqulation provides a platform for artists of multiple somewhat obscure disciplines for this ultimate test and great opportunity to gather feedback not only from colleagues but real audience! It is of precious value on the path of the development of the artists and their creations!
Cirqulation was my first show outside of events held by one of the studios I train at. It gave me an opportunity to perform in a different environment and has inspired me to keep searching out further performance opportunities. It was a great experience for someone just starting their performance career and I hope it is able to continue to inspire people like me in the future.
It provides me with useful promotional media, keeps me creating and working towards new themes and ideas, adds to my CV credits list, and allows me to perform more regularly which is great experience to keep up
It was my first opportunity to juggle in stage and I don’t think I would have had opportunity to do so otherwise
It was so useful to road test ideas or a small section of a bigger work in development andto get videos and photos to help with promotion of the work.
Yes it is important, it provides a platform to show your work in a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It is possible to try out new things and get creative.
I would consider it to be platform and opportunity to showcase artistic visions.
It gives me an opportunity to devise and present new material in a safe environment, and share it with my colleagues
As an amateur aerialist in a community circus group, Cirqulation can show me and my groupwhat is possible and to inspire our own events and projects to share in our community
Yes it’s very important to have spaces where you can share your new ideas and processes it’s with this and the community that we all grow together.
It’s rare to find such a supportive environment for emerging artists. the opportunity to perform and especially get such good feedback and evaluation is vital
All artists and every country needs these opportunities to share new, exciting work. Scotland is no different, and artists really benefit from the chance to share in an environment that promotes quality as well as being a place where you can get in depth honest feedback.
Yes it adds profile as people get to see what you do and events like this are so important for artists
Allows feedback from fellow performers and the audience on new pieces so I can alter or have confirmation that I am moving in the correct direction. Feedback is always constructive and I feel fully supported as an artist.
Cirqulation is the only regular circus stage in Scotland and it has given me a reason to make and develop several new pieces, and kept my love for performance alive. It has pushed my drive to create interesting techniques and tricks, provided a space to meet other creatives and see their amazing feats, and most importantly, exposed many to the joys of circus.