Circus For Gaza

Although not one of our Cirqulation events we will be welcoming on stage some of our old time favourites, accompanied by new faces. We are very proud to present this show with a similar format and quality as what you experienced at our fabulous Cirqulation cabarets in the past, and with more! We’ll have a raffle, tombola, and some stalls so bring moneys!

If you can’t come in person but would like to donate there is a way!
You can either make a donation to go towardt the event / MAP, or purchase raffle tickets for exciting prizes (circus classes, event tickets, juggling props etc). If you are buying raffle tickets please leave your name in the message field after making a donation and message us here so we can allocate your ticket numbers.
DONATE OR BUY RAFFLE TICKETS Thank you for all your donations!!!

We will be also doing a live broadcast of the show via Lighthouse book shop, more info to follow!

All our performers and crew are donating their skills and talents for the show, which we are super grateful for. Looking forward to this incredible line up:
Rachael Macintyire
Beverly Grant
Matt Von Trap
Emma Robbie
Sally Ann
Keith and Antonia
Evie White, Aleks and McMc
Rosella Elphinstone
Eric and Oran
Elsa van der Wal
Miss Mango
Blaise Donald
and your host for the evening Jusztina Hermann

Special thanks for @icklemidgie @juggle_monkey @beste_sarya @el_beyonder @harryroliver @jennybenedict @assemblyroxy
And @polifilmmedia for the flyer design