CLUB MUD – Our Festival Flashmob Team

Following a 60-120 minutes workshop our newly trained volunteers are ready for action!

What action? Anything, that’s unexpected at the given situation. A ballet, a striptease, a slow motion race, a spaghetti western shoot-out or a wedding.

These actions are short pieces of interactive street theatre where anyone can join in from the audience if they wish or dare. They are perfect for festivals, for team building, for camps, for fun or just to do something out of the ordinary.

We involved and entertained many as part of the “CLUB MUD” crew at the best Scottish festivals, as “MI EZ A CIRKUSZ?/WHAT’S THE FUSS” at the Sziget Festival and at Istanbul’s shopping street in Taksim as part of the Yaratici Sokaklar festival for European Cultural Capital 2010 Istanbul/Pecs.


Ballet in Istanbul

Burlesque at Sziget Festival

Ballet at Sziget

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